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Leaflet - Metals for Buildings, Essential & fully Recyclable

The ESSENTIAL & FULLY RECYCLABLE leaflet explains the benefits of using metals in buildings and how to best measure their recyclability. The brochure particularly stresses the higher relevance of the “end-of-life recycling rate” indicator rather than the “recycled content” indicator to reflect the recycling performances of metal building products.

This leaflet is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

pdff9d8METALS FOR BUILDINGS, Essential and fully Recyclable

pdfLES METAUX DANS LE BATIMENT, Essentiels et 100 % recyclables

pdfMETALLE IN GEBÄUDEN, Unentbehrlich und vollständig wiederverwertbar

pdfMETALES PARA LA CONSTRUCCIÓN, Esenciales y totalmente Reciclables


PAPER - Metals recycling & EN15804

METALS FOR BUILDINGS contributed to the Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2019 taking place on 11 - 14 September 2019 in Graz (Autria). Presented at a special session focusing on "Resource efficient buildings - EPD for construction products: End-of-Life information", the paper entitled "Reconciling recycling at production stage and end of life stage in EN 15804: the case of metal construction products"  explains how recycling at production stage and end of life stage are addressed in EN15804 for metal products.

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